To love your business and know what you deal with

The great thinker Confucius said: “Choose your congenial employment and you will not have to work any day in your life”. By doing our thing we are developing in it day by day, working at our mistakes and believe that the sophistication has no limits. In this way we are pleased to share our passion to tea and coffee, knowlegde and obtained experience with you. Because we know that we become richer by means of share!

To be wholeheartedly glad for guests

Caucasian hospitality is the engrained tradition, example to follow and the reason of guests sincere admiration. It is based on a high humanity, human morality and renqing. It is this what stipulates the longevity of tradition which is so valuable for our people. Every visitor of MOKKO.AZ website is our guest, cautious and respectful attitude to a guest is the philosophy of our company.
Welcome to visit us!